Week in paradise

Are you tired of the stress and noise that daily life can bring? Have you had enough of large hotels, crowds and packed beaches? Would you like to spend your vacation relaxing on hidden islands of the Adriatic Sea?

Take a cruise with friends or someone dear to you; in an intimate atmosphere, far from crowds and big cities, we offer you everything you need, a yacht designed in every detail only for you. Wake up every morning on a different island and forget about everything while sipping your first morning coffee to the sound of seagulls. The only thing that exists is the sound of the sea and wind, swimming in hidden bays and exploring magical small towns. As the evening unfolds, relax within a candlelight setting and unforgettable sunsets. Try a little cooking yourself and let your imagination run wild or perhaps let the crew take care of everything and just show up at a set table, where typical foods of the Mediterranean cuisine await you.

One-week and two-week cruises are on offer – additionally we can also accommodate your every desire should you wish to have different plans and simply follow your inspiration for the day.