Sušac, island/lost love

Island Sušac is located approximately 13 nautical miles off the western coast of Lastovo. JZ shores are steep, and sure, while the other part is soft and hilly.

The vegetation is fairly sparse because rainfall is extremely rare - so that is probably where the name originated. More about Sušac has transparency up to 30 meters. The island is more gentle coves ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Lighthouse & Emperor Francis Joseph: At the highest point, the 100-meter high cliff, the Emperor Francis Joseph gave the 1879th build a lighthouse, which is still guiding sailors on their way north.

About the island: The island will fascinate beauty, but also an intense feeling of detachment from the world. All around you profound peace, tranquility and endless seas. The idyllic atmosphere of small coves you will enjoy sunbathing and swimming.

Time on Sušac: Embark with us, the open sea and sail to the island Sušac and meet people who live on it, treat yourself to lamb what you have not had a chance to eat, Goran shepherd will you prepare a dish of your dreams. Today, the permanent residents Sušac only two lighthouse keepers and the already mentioned Goran shepherd.