LASTOVO ancient seafarers and traders who were from the southern Greek colony of transporting goods to trade with the Illyrians, the island was named Ladesta or Ladeston. The Romans called it Ladestris and Neretljani who then settled there, they took the original Roman form of Lasta adding a suffix to him "this" - and so there was the name of Lastovo. Respected Foundation World Wide Fund for Nature has included the Lastovo archipelago among the 10 heavenly oasis in the Mediterranean which has been preserved and untouched beauty, the key to identifying the overall biodiversity of the Mediterranean. Arrive at Lastovo is not just coming to ljetovanje.To is much more than swimming and sunčanja.To the opportunity to explore the long walks and powered paradisiacal beauty of unspoilt nature. Ideal for people who can afford in the coming months when the benefits of a mild Mediterranean climate, most notably: May, June or September fall - the time when the island of Lastovo and everything on it thrives, grows and produces. The best time without the crowds and heat, loaded with aromas of herbs you enjoy turn themselves and their pleasures.

The richness of the fauna. As rich and diverse flora of the Lastovo archipelago has an extremely large number of animal species (141 species of vertebrates, of which up to 108 endangered). In particular, there is a lot of birds - because of the numerous islands resting migratory birds on their way during September and October from Europe to Africa and then again in the spring in the opposite direction. There are nesting and zovoji, seagulls, gregule, and even rare Eleonora's falcon (on the rocks below the lighthouse Struga).

No fear. For tourists and travelers it is important to mention that on Lastovo are no poisonous and dangerous animals. Worth emphasizing that not even any poisonous spiders like the infamous "black widow" who are so common on the rocky shoreline areas, but more importantly, there are no poisonous snakes. Just harmless Grass Snake. Therefore, without any fear, you can stroll through the fields, or laze in the shade of pine trees.

Turbo attractive destination. For boaters, Lastovo turbo attractive destination. Gentle coves and pristine coastline, lush vegetation, which is often down to the shoreline, where the bait can be hard to resist.
The safest bay for anchoring are hidden port on the south side, Velo Lago, and Juraj port on the west and the north of the island Zaklopatica.

The most exposed Inhabited Island: The island of Lastovo belongs to a group of Adriatic islands, and our most prominent inhabited island. Like pearls, skated with him for a further 45 islets and reefs. All beautiful than beautiful. Total of 46!