Jabuka, volcanic monolit

JABUKA, 43 Р06 'N, 15 Р28' E, a volcanic island, 27 NM away from Komiߡ in a westerly direction (more precisely, NW).

The law protected since 1958. year. Apple with its size and shape and does not fit the usual picture of the island: the pyramid of rock jutting into the sky, 96 meters above the sea, like some ominous spike, emerged from the depths of the sea, in that distant time of forming the country, after the eruption of underwater volcanoes.

Hot lava from the bowels of the earth cooled in the dark rocks rich in minerals, particularly those of iron oxide magnetite (Fe3O4), which is due to its structure behaves like a magnet, making compasses almost unusable. Sea and sky, and between it and almost inaccessible and bare. However, it is not completely alone - and it inhabits its endemic species, black lizard with Apples (Melisellenis Melisellenis) and subspecies Star thistle (Centaurea Ragusina), and prior to some 60-odd years were buzzing here and endemic Carnation (Dianthus multinervis) with which the were related to the belief that one day it disappears off the fishing Komiߡ Lifetime determination of this small island town ... They visit her and still fishermen, who have only one, of antiquity, while still rowing Brodie, possessed so much strength and courage needed to face up to its depths and winds, sudden storms without shelter and compassion.

When you talk to enthusiasts into the Adriatic Sea, She'll say that Palagruߡ beautiful, but that Jabukas is particulary, special.Separated volcanic rock, lost at sea, the real provocative.Jabuka acting as if some mystical, onostaranog world , strange, dark, monolith scourged him continually forcing a man to wind up here bowed force of nature.

Jabuka is situated on the borders which possesses a special feeling, a joy and pain of losing their meaning. Despite the hostile looks and mysterious waters where the sea takes on a strange, crnomodru color, Apple radiates a magical allure. As to the magnet from the black rock is tilted steering the ship toward.Adventure wild beauty and obscurity Apples generated particularly sensual excitement, a view of the underwater abyss that surrounds it can not leave anyone cold-blooded. In it you'll convince yourself, if you have the opportunity to visit the apple, the lone open-sea volcanic monolith.

Apple will, despite the picture deep in the deep sea, after his first visit to tie up some invisible thread and it will reflect the warmth of the room, planning the next meeting with the offshore monolith.